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Ripani Photography & Design.
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Emy hair-comb

Emy  | from #2016colloction

To see more creations check out the last collection here on the


In the press


Noelle Hairpins

Noelle hair-pins  | for the bride-to-be Cristina

Cristina is going to wear the Noelle hair-pins on her big day.
She chose this item because will be the perfect match for her messy hair style and wedding dress.
You know, the messy hairstyles are quite popular these days and whatever occasion you are on, a seemingly careless messy hairstyle will bring you a casual yet chic look effortless.
Whether your hair is long or short, you can always find a suitable messy hairstyle for it.

So, can’t wait to see Cristina! The best wishes from us ♥


Cristina sta per indossare le forcine da sposa stile-Noelle per il suo grande giorno.
Ha scelto questa creazione perché sarà perfetta per il suo stile di capelli disordinati e con il suo abito.
Sapete che le acconciature disordinate sono molto popolari in questi giorni per qualsiasi occasione ci si trova, un taglio di capelli disordinato apparentemente non curato vi porterà ad uno stile casual ma chic senza sforzo.
Se i vostri capelli sono lunghi o corti, si può sempre trovare un taglio di capelli disordinato adatto per questo.


Natalie’s Custom Made

Necklace for shoulders  | for the bride-to-be Natalie

The bride-to-be Natalie from Germany contact me for a special order, something designed only for her to create a uniforme look with her wedding dress. We work together trying to find the most similar color with her wedding dress. She took inspiration by the  Ella Necklace Shoulders .

To realize this wedding jewelry I used a simply alencon lace when I embroidered some Swarovski pearl details to give elegance and more details.

It’ll be a pleasure to see Natalie wearing this shoulders necklace. Was just beautiful only to know her! I love to thank you for worked with me!♥


Elegance & Softness in Studio

 Elieen Mantilla Veil | for the bride-to-be Emily

This week I finished to create this beautiful wedding veil for the bride-to-be Emily. We work together to create a unique design just for her, for her personality and to enhance the beauty in the line of her shoulders and also to be matched perfectly to the shape of her wedding dress.

To realize this wedding veil I have create a simple design of timeless beauty.
Is an 170cm long, made in soft illusion silk tulle.
This mantilla veil cascades beautifully with the weight of a scallop French made Alencon lace edge.



Cherry Twigs Collection 2015

Wedding Accessories, Headpieces, Veils ecc.

Hello everyone!
Finally our web site is online, so I can share with you a lot of news about our passion for photography and design.
I start to preset you my 2015 Spring/Summer Collection beautifully captured by RIPANI Photography&Dedign.



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